Best Table Saw Blade for Plywood Reviews

According to experts and popular woodworking magazines, ATBs are the best table saw blade for plywood. Because FTG or other types can tear the veneers resulting in material wastage.

Also, depending on the tooth number, some blades are capable of crosscut, and some are for rip cuts. I have also reviewed TCG and Combination blades for those who want all solutions in one blade. 

In this article, I am going to review all those eligible products with different sizes, features, and prices. So, you are surely going to find the right one for your table saw from my reviews. Let’s get started.

Here’re my top picked table saw blades for plywood at a glance: 

  • Freud D12100X – Ultra Fine 100 Tooth Blade
  • Freud 12″ – HiATB Design for Splinter-free Cuts
  • TOMAX 12-Inch – Affordable Blade for Fine Cut
  • Makita A-93681 – Micro Polished Tooth
  • TWIN-TOWN 10-Inch – TCG Blade for Versatile Uses
  • Freud D1050X – ATB Combo Saw Blade
  • CRAFTSMAN 10-Inch – Best Budget Combo of 2 Blades
  • DEWALT DWA181424 – Most Affordable 24 Tooth 
  • Freud D1024X – Perfect for Ripping

Best Table Saw Blade for Plywood: The Review

I have given ATB blades my utmost priority so that you can get the best results cutting plywood. However, some other types would also help you meet different situations.

1. Freud D12100X – Ultra Fine 100 Tooth Blade

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My favorite cutting blade for a table saw is this 12” one with 100 teeth. It is the best-suited and highest-rated table saw blade for crosscuts. The finish of the cut depends on the number of teeth and this one has the highest count.

However, such blades cost a lot which is not practical for lots of professionals as well as DIYers. That is why I have selected a version from Freud that has a reasonable price.

Now, let’s talk about the build and its features of it. Freud claims that it is perfect for wood and wood composites. And you can attach it to your table saw without any issue.

Because of the Hi-ATB 100 tooth design, it can cut plywood like the way a hot knife cuts through butter. The significance of the Hi-ATB grind is that it can maintain the same cut as the blade exits the plywood. 

However, this kind of aggressive cut causes the sharpness to deteriorate quicker than normal ATB blades. Those who want to know more about these grind types can read this comprehensive guide.

Regarding the tip, it has a super-thin laser cut kerf with a Parma-shield coating. As a result, the blade stays protected from dragging, gumming, and corrosion.

Furthermore, the laser-cut stabilizer vents play a significant role in decreasing blade vibration ensuring precise cuts. The carbide tip is more durable than other materials. 

Several laser-cut heat expansion slots allow the blade to expand during heat build-up. With such design and material quality, you can use it with a maximum of 6000 RPM without compromising cut quality. 

If your project requires an ultra-fine finishing, you must get this one.

2. Freud 12″ – HiATB Design for Splinter-free Cuts

Freud LU79R012: 12" Thin Kerf Ultimate Plywood & Melamine Blade
  • Specs: Arbor 1", Diameter 12", Grind Hi-ATB, Hook Angle 2°, Kerf .098", Plate .071", Teeth 96
  • Premium TiCo HI-Density Carbide Crosscutting Blend for Maximum Performance
  • High Alternate Top Bevel (HiATB)Tooth Design produces splinter-free cuts

Now, let me introduce a more expensive Hi-ATB blade from the same manufacturer. It is the same 12” blade with 1” arbor, .098″ kerf, and 2° hook angle but the design includes 96 teeth. However, fewer teeth-count doesn’t vary the performance a lot. 

The real difference is in the tip material, and this one has a premium TiCo HI-Density carbide blend. That is why it is capable of providing a top-notch cross-cutting performance ensuring more durability. You will not only have an ultra-fine finish but also splinter-free cuts. 

Furthermore, the blade features laser-cut anti-vibration slots for reducing vibration and preventing side movements in the cut. As a result, you can get precise cuts and long blade life.

This table saw blade has the same Perma-shield coating that reduces friction and heat buildups. The proof of its real-life performance is backed by the users. Click on the link and check them for yourself. 

Carpenters or DIYers who are looking for the most satisfying cross cuts can consider this one as the best table saw blade for cutting plywood. I am recommending it over the top-pick only because of its durability.

3. TOMAX 12-Inch – Affordable Blade for Fine Cut

TOMAX 12-Inch 100 Tooth ATB Fine Finish Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor
  • Ideal for cutting all types of wood
  • Construction grade carbide teeth provide maximum resistance for longer life
  • Electrophoretic Coating reduces the rusting and corrosion

Till now, I have prioritized ultra-fine finishing over anything which doesn’t come cheap. So, those who are looking for a budget option couldn’t choose any of the two products above. 

Here, I have a budget option from TOMAX which is also a 12” blade with 100 teeth. But the reason for its affordability is a poorer cutting quality. 

Despite having the maximum number of teeth, it can’t provide the smoothest finish. Another factor you should consider is that the blade is not compatible with the table saws that operate over 5000 RPMs.

I think that the lack of Hi-ATB grind is the main reason for that. However, there are some advantages of its normal ATB grind. It lasts longer than the top pick although the cost is almost half of it. 

Other than the finishing quality and RPM range, you won’t find any downsides to this one. For reducing noise and vibration, it comes with laser-cut slots. Moreover, it has a very effective perma-shield coating like the high-end models.

If your after-cut finish is not your main concern, you can check this blade out. For 12” compatible table saws, it can be a great addition that would last for a long time.

4.Makita A-93681 – Micro Polished Tooth

Makita A-93681 10-Inch 80 Tooth Micro Polished Mitersaw Blade Silver
  • PRECISION : ATAF (Alternate Top and Alternate Face) tooth design for ultra precision cutting
  • EFFICIENCY : Japanese ultra-thin kerf carbide-tipped design provides smoother cuts with less drag on the motor
  • ACCURACY : Fully hardened and expertly hand-tensioned steel saw plates for true cuts

Now, by increasing the budget slightly more than the previous product, you can get micro-grain carbide teeth from the famous brand Makita. One of the main reasons to choose this one is polished tips with up to 600 grit which gives it a mirror finish and maximum cutting performance.

Moreover, the fully hardened hand-tensioned steel plates can ensure true cuts which is another significant reason for buying A-93681. The importance of expert supervision and manual tension adjustment is that it offers the least amount of wobble. As a result, the saw can achieve the highest grade of accuracy.

Those features are the reasons behind their high price despite having an 80 teeth configuration. Furthermore, the blade has a 5-degree hook angle which is very effective for cross-cutting. You can know more about hook angles here.

Moreover, it comes with an ultra-thin kerf of 0.091”, and .071” plate thickness. Considering all those features and performance, Makita A-93681 is the best 10 inch table saw blade for plywood.

5. TWIN-TOWN 10-Inch – TCG Blade for Versatile Uses

Here, I have a different type of blade than all which is called TCG. The full form of it states Triple Chip Grind which specializes in cutting composite materials as well as non-ferrous metals. That is why it fits a specific type of requirement.

What is that requirement?

Those who are working on a job site that has used plywood with nails in it must use a TCG blade. And this one from TWIN-TOWN is the best for the task considering real-life user feedback, features, and price.

Now, let’s talk about the features and build quality of this table saw blade. It comes with C4 construction grade tungsten carbide teeth which will allow you to cut through nails easily.

That material is so tough that you wouldn’t even notice hitting a nail or any metal parts in the workpiece. Also, it gives the blade two times more longevity than normal ones.

Moreover, it has expansion slots so that it doesn’t wobble or stay true in higher temperatures. Though it has a wide range of cutting capabilities, you wouldn’t be disappointed at its performance in cutting plywood. 

6. Freud D1050X – ATB Combo Saw Blade

Diablo by Freud "Freud D1050X Diablo 10"" 50-tooth ATB Combo Saw Blade w/5/8"" Arbor&PermaShield"
  • Laser cut stabilizer vents trap noise and vibration keeping it cool and reducing blade warp
  • Laser cut heat expansion slots allow blade to expand due to heat build-up keeping the cut true and straight
  • Durable micrograin titanium carbide for extreme durability, razor-sharp cuts, and long life

Seeing another product from Freud on the list, you must have realized by now how popular the brand is in the community. Here, I have listed a model that has both ATB and FTG tips. D1050X is different from other models as the teeth are separated into 5-piece segments. 

A total of 10 segments make up the 50 teeth 10” blade. Among the 5, four blades are ATB and one FT (Flat Top). The flat-top teeth can quickly remove the material and ensure efficient cutting. 

Those sets of 5 teeth are separated by large gullets. It also helps remove chips quickly. You can know more about such combination blades from here.

From ripping to cross-cutting plywood or hardwoods, Freud D1050X performs well. It has cooling vents and expansion slots cut in its body. For this reason, it can cut quietly, smoothly, and precisely.

Another big reason for such performance is the capability of running up to 7000 RPMs. The blade’s tri-metal shock-resistant brazing keeps it stable in all situations. Furthermore, it features a ⅝” arbor, 0.098” kerf, and a 15-degree hook angle. 

Those who perform different cuts frequently and don’t want to waste time changing blades too frequently should buy this one.

7. CRAFTSMAN10-Inch – Best Budget Combo of 2 Blades

CRAFTSMAN 10" Miter Saw Blade, Combo Pack (CMAS210CMB)
  • DURABILITY: Induction-brazed carbide tips of 10-inch miter saw blade are made for durability and long life
  • NO MORE WARPING: Heat-treated plate eliminates warping
  • ACCURATE CUTS: Precision ground teeth for smooth, accurate cuts

Would you prefer a deal that includes two different blades for ripping and cross-cutting at the same price as the previous one? Craftsman is offering such an attractive package that no one can resist.

Both blades have induction-brazed carbide tips which prove that they are not offering cheap-quality products. Also, the plates are heat-treated which prevents warping. 

The precise ground teeth are capable of smooth and accurate cuts. Moreover, they have a corrosion-resistant coating and are designed to prolong their service life.

Among them, one has 60 teeth design that is suitable for cross-cutting and another one has 24 teeth, which is perfect for ripping. The maximum speed it can handle is 6000 RPM. Both are compatible with miter and table saws.

However, you should not expect a high-end performance and smooth finish like the top-rated ones above. Some customers are complaining about their packaging. The two blades are attached with strong adhesives. So, wear heavy leather gloves while separating them to avoid any potential injury. 

8. DEWALT DWA181424 – Most Affordable 24 Tooth 

DEWALT Circular Saw Blade, 8 1/4 Inch, 24 Tooth, Framing & Ripping (DWA181424)
  • Exclusive, patent-pending toughtrack tooth design for accurate tracking over the life of the blade
  • Made from high-density tungsten Carbide for toughness, wear-resistance, and long life
  • Tough coat anti-stick coating reduces friction and gumming

The price of ripping blades is less than the ones for crosscuts. Because ripping requires fewer teeth count. DEWALT DWA181424 is an 8-¼” saw blade that has 24 teeth and costs less than 15 bucks.

So, it is the most affordable product on the list with a good rating and performance. The newer design includes a thin kerf and patent-pending tough-track tooth design. Those are capable of delivering thin and accurate cuts throughout their service life. 

Furthermore, the high-density tungsten carbide tips last longer than normal products because of their wear-resistant properties. If you are cutting old plywood with nails in it, you won’t have to worry about the blade as it has a reinforced shoulder. 

It specializes in rip cuts but you can also perform cross cuts with it. DEWALT DWA181424 is compatible with machines that can achieve speeds up to 7000 RPM.

9. Freud D1024X – Perfect for Ripping

Freud D1024X Diablo 10" 24-Tooth ATB Ripping Saw Blade 5/8" Arbor
  • TiCo high-density Carbide for increased performance and maximum cutting life
  • Perma-shield Non-Stick coating for protection against heat, gumming and corrosion
  • Super-thin kerf design for fast and effortless cuts

When it comes to ripping plywood, I can’t skip Freud’s D1024X 10″ 24-Tooth ATB Ripping Saw Blade. The previous one is smaller which is not useful to a lot of people. 

Apart from the size, I like its TiCo high-density Carbide tips which are more durable than the cheap models. Like the high-end models, it has a Perma-shield Non-Stick coating which effectively protects the blade from heat, gumming and corrosion. 

With a 7000 RPM compatibility and a thin kerf design, you can get effortless cuts. Moreover, its laser-cut stabilizer vents help reduce noise, and vibration, and prevent blade warp.

You should buy Freud D1024X for its increased performance and maximum cutting life. I know that it is a bit expensive but the table saw blade is worth the investment. Except for the price, this one is the best table saw blade for ripping plywood, which lasts longer and performs excellently.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Table Saw Blade for Plywood?

There are very few factors that you need to consider while buying the right blade for your table saw. Let’s talk about them in detail. 

Choosing the type

You may have already known that there are basically four types of saw blades. But not all of them are quite right for cutting plywood. Having thin veneers, plywood is more likely to tear-out while sawing parapedicular to the veneer.

On the other hand, ripping doesn’t require this much attention. Among all of the blade options, ATB is preferred in all types of cutting for plywood material. However, TCG or combination blades are also considered for their all-rounder cutting capabilities. Choosing the right table saw blade is very important as the best type varies depending on the material.

Number of blades

The best option is to use a fine-grade 100 or 80-tooth blade. A 24 or 40-tooth blade can also do the job but it wouldn’t have a nicer finish. More tooth results in a finer finish and putting less effort into polishing. That is why I have listed the top three models close to 100-teeth design. Also, there are 24-teeth models at the end.

Size and RPM

To know the right size and RPM, you have to check your table saw manual. It will tell you which type of blades are suitable. For example, if the saw accepts 12” 6000RPM blades, you can choose either the first one or the second one. But the third one from TOMAX only supports 5000RPM.

Final Words

While selecting the best table saw blade for plywood, I got confused between Freud D12100X and Freud 12″. Both products cut unbelievably smoother and feature almost the same specs. 

However, the first one costs less but the latter one lasts longer. My recommendation goes for the second one and it is suitable for those who don’t have a problem with the price. 

On the other hand, D12100X has earned the first position for its overall performance and very reasonable pricing. Still, there are other blades too for different tasks and requirements that you can consider. So, which one are you going to buy for your table saw? Let me know in the comments with your reasons.