Ridgid Vs DeWalt Table Saw: The Ultimate Comparison

Table saws can cut larger pieces irrespective of any material with more accuracy than other tools. With the right table saw and the right know-how, you can make crosscuts, rip cuts, beveled edges, and angled cuts. 

When anyone asks me to suggest a brand that can deliver great saws without breaking the bank, the name is either Ridgid or DeWalt. And among numerous brands, these brands are nowadays popular power tool giants, which are taking over the market by providing reasonable models. 

So, which one you should add to your arsenal and speed up your project in a significant way? If you want to choose anyone from both, scroll down to see an overall comparison of the Ridgid vs DeWalt table saw. 

About the Companies

The Dewalt is quite renowned for providing high-quality products without breaking your bank. This American brand offers fantastic customer service. It has received the Amazon’s Choice Award for its popularity and reliable build quality. It was founded in 1924, and its headquarters is in Towson, Maryland, U.S. The table saw models from this company come with a 20-inch max ripping capacity. 

The Ridgid Tool Company is an American manufacturing company founded in 1923 in North Ridgeville, Ohio. It became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Emerson Electric. The Ridgid table saws are trusted tools for the American people.

Ridgid vs DeWalt Table Saw: A Detailed Comparison 

FeaturesRidgid table sawDeWalt table saw
Dado setGoes with the dado setDoesn’t go with the dado set
IncrementsGreatNeeds improvement
Alignment of the bladeSlight distortionGreat
Storage optionsIt doesn’t come with many optionsHas sufficient options 
PortabilityNot better than DeWaltGood in comparison with Ridgid
Precision workGoodLess precise than Ridgid
Adjustable feetDoesn’t have Comes with adjustable feet

The quick rack and pinion fence system, compact size yet quite spacious top, and sturdy construction make the DeWalt table saw the perfect choice for job site options. These have more power than equivalent other table saws. 

Talking about the accessories, it has a fence, push-stick, anti-kickback pause, blade guard, miter gauge, standard wrenches, and more. There is a dust collector as well. 

The fence of the DeWalt is quite incredible as it is perfect and never needs adjusting. It is well worth the money. However, the Ridgid fence is quite ordinary. 

The DeWalt models don’t accept the dado set and don’t come with the stand. On the contrary, Ridgid models will take a dado set with an optional insert. And there is enough threading in various models to position the dado set with the arbor.

If I talk about the exterior and on-board storage for DeWalt – there is storage for your power cord. There is storage for your push stick, blade guard, and wrenches. But there is no storage for the miter gauge. 

You can have bumper feet and adjustable feet as well. The crank comes preassembled. The rack and pinion control knob is great. However, the increments for your bevel control need improvement.

You can find all the necessary things with the Ridgid saw as well. There are blade-changing tools stored on the side, along with the miter gauge and a push stick that mount on this table saw. For safety purposes, there is – a blade guard, a set of paws along with a splitter riving knife, a dust port – which is great for cleaning out any obstructions, and so on. You can cut a minimum of three and quarter-inch cuts. 

There is no distortion on the aluminum top of DeWalt table saws, and the blade is aligned correctly. The modular guard allows you to have a very safe work experience. 

For the Ridgid, there are handles that come with enough space for gloves. The carrying handle extends in and out. There is no storage for the blade guard or the anti-kickback pause or Allen wrench. It does not have a storage option for the additional blade. However, you can put your miter gauge in different places, and it has minimal wobble. 

The plastic feet are great though they are not adjustable. The bevel controls are excellent, and their increments are quite appropriate. However, at zero bevels, it is slightly not aligned. The Allen wrench can compensate for the lack of a full ninety degrees. 

There is a gap between the tabletop and the blade, which is unusual. The surface will not wrap. However, the wheels are not heavy-duty. 

Overall, you cannot beat the Ridgid warranty. 

If you are looking at either of these two brands, the chances are that you want something portable.

The DeWalt might be the better option in terms of table saws that you can move around from site to site. The onboard storage system helps keep everything together.

This ultimate portable machine comes with a special spot for the miter gauge, push stick, blade guarding, extra blades, wrenches, rip capacity, compound miter saws, and power cord.

Ridgid table saws are generally better for precision work. These models tend to come with oversized handles on each of the adjustment wheels, making it easier to get the exact settings you want when cutting. 

DeWalt models aren’t bad in this category, but Ridgid edges them out. This brand has better transportation systems, easier to set up and takedown.

Ridgid vs DeWalt table Saw: Which One to Choose?

These two affordable job site table saws have adequate working capacities. Purchasing the right table saw is one of the most crucial choices when it comes to woodworking essentials. This power tool is an indispensable part of the job site’s equipment and for almost all DIY projects.

If you are looking for something portable, with a great storage system, and adjustable features, you can go for the DeWalt table saw.

In contrast, you can go for the Ridgid table saw if you are looking for precision, correct increments, and enough threading for the dado set.


Where are Ridgid table saws made?

Ridgid is possessed by Emerson Electric, an American multinational based out of Ferguson, Missouri. Some products are made by Emerson, and some are made in China under contract to TTI.

Where are DeWalt table saws made?

The DeWalt table saws are made in the United States.

How thick of wood can a 10 table saw cut?

You can cut up to a maximum of 3.5 inches deep with a 10-inch table saw.


So, which one of them is the best for you in this ridged vs DeWalt table saw battle? Take a look at their advantages and flaws to help you determine which model is the right one for your needs.

Having a model that fits your requirements and budget is guaranteed to make a huge difference in the overall outcome. Keep in mind the types of these power tools, the kinds of jobs you’d like to use a table saw, and other things before purchasing. 

Let me know in the comment section below which one did you choose for your woodworking task.