Which DeWalt Table Saw Accepts Dado Blade?

Which DeWalt Table Saw Accepts Dado Blade

Do you want to build cabinets or bookshelves with your DeWalt table saw? You need to make dado cuts on your wood for making this furniture and this cut is only possible with the dado blade. In fact, you need a special dado blade for making such a cut. But unfortunately, all the DeWalt cannot accept a dado blade set. 

So, the question is which DeWalt table saw accepts dado blade? There is a specific reason for not being compatible with dadoes and here we have given a proper answer regarding this topic along with shown some best product according to the query. 

Can You Use A Dado Blade On A Dewalt Table Saw?

Yes, you can use dado blades on a DeWalt table saw but it’s worth mentioning, you need to check out the user manual before using the dado on your DeWalt. 

Now, why I said so! Actually, dado compatibility depends on the arbor length of the table saw; as a table saw of 10-inch should accept dado blade set but if its arbor diameter is less than the dado, that saw cannot give dado cut. 

Does All Dewalt Table Saws Accept Dado Blades?

No, all the DeWalt table saws accept Dado blades. You have already known that the diameter of an arbor hole will decide the compatibility of the dado set on the table saw.

DeWalt manufactures many table saws model but all the model does not have the same features like there can be 8”, 8 ¼” or 10-inch blades on the table saw where only 10-inch can accept the dado stack. 

Now, the factor of arbor length is, if the 10-inch table saw has the proper arbor which matches with dado, that saw can accept it otherwise, for having small arbor the saw cannot use dado blades. Like, the DW7490 model shows compatibility with dado because of having the accurate arbor.

Which Dewalt Table Saw Accepts Dado Blades?


DeWalt 7491RS Saw is a larger version of DeWalt 7490x and a greater option for dado compatible table saw. This DeWalt version can take in an 8-inch dado blade and its width can max 13/16 of an inch. 

Moreover, this 10-inch Jobsite table saw can cut of 3.125 inches deep at 90 degrees while if you make 45 degrees angle then it will cut 2.25 inches deep. Again, its impressive 15Amp motor has a rip capacity of 32 ½ inches which can give you a smooth and easy cut through the cabinet, hardwood, or shelving materials.


The DeWalt 7491X is one of the portable saw options of DeWalt that has 24-tooth carbide blade included but also shows dado blade compatibility of up to 13/16 of an inch and you will also get the Dado Throat Plate of DWE7402D1 with it. But remember! 

Don’t use Dado that’s diameter exceeds 8 inches and as this cut isn’t thru-cuts, so you have to first remove the blade guard assembly and then cut with it. This amazing model of 10-inch table saw has 15Amp motor power which helps to cut through bigger shelving with its 28-inch rip capacity. 

Like the previous DeWalt, it also cuts 3 ¼ and 2 ¼ inches at 90 and 45 degrees relatively. 


DEWALT DW744XRS 10-inch Job Site Table Saw is another portable table saw for DeWalt lover that accepts max 13/16 of an inch Dado blade. 

It comes with a powerful high-torque 15Amp motor of higher 4650RPM that can easily spin high loads and can make a deeper cut of 3 1/8” at 90 degrees and 2 ¼” at 45. 

It has a huge rip capacity of 24 ½ inches to the right of the blade which can cut through wider wood boards. Moreover, the versatile Site-Pro Modular Guarding System makes it easy to install with the tool-free adjustment capability and the arbor mechanism helps for dado cut with max 13/16 inch wide. 

Again, its soft-start design minimizes the strain and gives extended life to it.

What Are The Throat Plate Options?

1. DeWalt Table DW744/DW745 Saw Replacement

DW744/DW745 is a new, bulk packed with a genuine OME replacement part that includes (2) A26208 Throatplates. DeWalt’s DW744X, DW744XRS, and some other version are compatible with this Throat Plate for the dado blades.

2. DEWALT Dado Throatplate for DWE7490 and DWE7491

DeWalt’s DWE7490 and DWE7491 are the 10-inch versions that can use the throatplate for stacking dado cutters named DWE740DI. This DeWalt dado throat plate is designed for 10” portable table saw that can easily use dado blades.

Can You Use Dado Blades On DeWalt DW745?

Unfortunately, this version of DeWalt does not accept a stacking dado blade set or a wobbling dado blade. Though DW745 is a 10-inch table saw, should have compatibility with the dado set but there is an issue rises with its arbor length; because its arbor length can not provide enough space for fitting a dado stack. 

Moreover, DeWalt DW745 has not been designed with the throat plate features that can accommodate dado blades easily. However, it is addressed in the manual of this table saw that using dado can be dangerous for its user.


What Are The Compatible Dado Blades For Dewalt Table Saws?

1. Freud SD508

The “Super Dado Set” is the high-quality 8”,24-tooth blades with 5/8-inch arbors that can cut dadoes and grooves that are clean, flat, virtually splinter-free, and more accurate. 

Freud shows versatility by being able to be fit flexibly in both the standard table saw and circular arm saw which is a unique quality in it. Freud SD508 can adjust the dado and shim set for achieving perfect width and allows fine-tuned adjustments in 1/32-inch increments. 

Moreover, its anti-kickback design with MicroGrain Carbide tips confirms its safety and long-lasting performance.

2. Oshlun SDS-0842

Oshlun SDS-0842 is the eight-inch four teeth stack dado set which is considered the best option for money by the DIYers. It comes with 42 teeth and cut out flat bottom dadoes in between ¼ to 28/32 inches width. Oshlun’s carbide tips last long and full-body chippers can minimize the unpleasant vibration. 

3. The Mibro Group 416381

Mibro the carbide stacking dado blade set can be the best starter pack for DIY hobbyists. Its high speed of 5000RPM can cut through all types of wood and has a cutting width of ¼ to 14/16 inches. The Mibro shows compatibility with most of the table saws.


Now, you know which DeWalt table saw accepts dado blades and what is the reason behind all the DeWalt not being able to make dado cut. If you need dado cut on your project and you are a fan of DeWalt’s product then read the article carefully again and make a proper decision on choosing the tool. 

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